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Welcome to the United Buckeye Firefighters Local 4311 web page. I have had the opportunity to serve the members of Buckeye for the last 8 years. Our department has grown into 6 stations with Haz-Mat, TRT and now Toxic Medic teams. We have been able to develop our Union to finalize a MOU that is now recognized by the City of Buckeye.

Our Buckeye Firefighters have been able to push through the toughest economic times in U.S. history since the Great Depression. It has been an honor to help lead our union in the difficult journey that has lead us to where we are today.

The Buckeye Firefighters are the backbone of the community and have lead many great things for the citizens of Buckeye. Along with the United Buckeye Firefighters Charities we have been a major part in making lives a little better in this tough world through involvement in feeding families during the holidays, teaching pool safety, shopping for presents during the holidays and helping fill the needs of the community.

Day or night we are there for the community and the members of Local 4311 and as we go through life we never stop helping each other to make the City of Buckeye a better place to be.


Mike Russell
President L4311



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